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Comparison of the French Greens and their British cousins of the Green Party

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  1. Introduction
  2. The themes highlighted
  3. Attitudes of the characters and mafia
  4. Sequence analysis

Political ecology has now become a subject of common interest and the concept has been around since the 1970s. It was ushered in by those people who insisted that the inclusion of ecological issues in political and social organizations were essential.

Environmentalists have been involved in the system of French politics since the 1970s. The year 1974 is symbolic as this was when the nomination of Rene Dumont's for the presidential elections went through. The Greens were born in the autumn of 1982 at the GA in Saint-Prix under the name ?The Greens-Green Party' which used to be called the Movement for Political Ecology (MEP).
In1984 the movement merged with the Greens Confederation for the environment.
The British Green Party (Green Party), is the leading environmentalist political party in the United Kingdom and is based in England and Wales. The Green Party emerged in the 1990s, but the official date of its creation date is 1973. This was when the first edition of the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society was written. It officially became the British Green Party in 1985. After this the Green Alliance was founded in 1978 and joined the British Green Party. Due to the differences in their aims, (that emerged in the early 90s) the Green Party did not keep its electoral momentum and was unable to repeat the success it achieved in the late 80s.

The author of this paper is interested in political ecology and studies this phenomena through these two parties. She compares the French Greens and their British cousins and analyzes how to combine the practices of ecology and politics.
The French Greens:

In France, the party system is characterized by instability as well as by its relative novelty.

Tags - the French Greens, the Green Party, Political Ecology

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