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Convention and ratification of the Constitution

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  1. The distinctiveness of the American political system outlining the start of the current political structure
  2. The continued development through amendments

In his book, A Brilliant Solution, Berkin wrote about the American constitutional congress that was challenged by the financial crisis due to repayment burdens on loans incurred during the wartime loans. After the world war in 1784, Congress had no money to fund the Federal treasury. The consequences of the war and the moves the country make to ensure the country survived the waves had tremendous effects on the stability of the country.

[...] The main concern to the council was the creation of the executive branch. The selfish aspirations by the various states had to be solved to achieve the creation of the executive power. The Articles of Confederation provided for the legislative government, rather than an executive, derivative from the early Westminster system that is still in the European countries. The discussion in the council was mainly on the powers to be accorded to the executive, with most fearing that allowing excessive power would cause detrimental consequences. [...]

[...] The branches of the federal government are Judicial, executive and the legislature. The Executive consists of the President, the Federal Departments and Agencies and the cabinet. The legislature encompasses of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Finally, the Judicially comprises of the Supreme Court and Other Federal Courts. In conclusion, the analysis of the two books brings us to a better understanding of current the American political system. Middlekauff writes about the American Revolution, overcoming the myths and outlining the challenges of the American war. [...]

[...] The invention of the American Constitution. The book by Carol Berkin was aimed at analysing at how the United States adjusted to the conditions after the world was. The book discusses how the country revised the Articles of Confederation which eventually led to the creation of the American Constitution. America experienced various challenges in its intercontinental business due to the lack of security and military protection (Berkin, 2002). The United State grip of the Mediterranean trade due to increase of pirates, as the British Navy took over security issues in the trade. [...]

[...] The emergent deliberations led to the creation of the ?Electoral College?. The smaller states considered compromising to save the country. The move led the creation of the Modern Congress, which had equal representation in the Senate and proportional allotment and representation for the house representatives. The amendment of the constitution was bound to face major challenges because the states were advancing their selfish interest. The amendment process would be very demanding since it would involve elaborate solutions and their accompanying proofs to satisfy the members. [...]

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