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Culture of terrorism in Morocco

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  1. Theoretical Framework
  2. The United States in decline?
  3. Challenging traditional stances
  4. Structural challenge: overcoming the hegemony
  5. The situation in China
  6. Tracks of thought
    1. Conflict
    2. Collapse of China
    3. Comparative Advantage

Since the beginning, from May 16, 2003 to March 11, 2007, a period of contemporary history of Morocco, we mourn the tangible sign that the culture of terrorism carried out by extremist groups (jihadis) have decided to sow the seeds of a violent regime, killing innocent people for a living, paradoxically, according to their vision of the Apocalypse. It only happens to others! It was said that such horrors could not happen here! We said again and again that this is a passing phase, because the action is not structural. It is clear now that no one is immune from such criminal acts! And the repetition of the same horrors can happen at any time.

We also said that despite social disparities, religious divisions, etc, the social fabric is stronger than the divisiveness and the Moroccans, knowing how to overcome their differences, are engaged in work for the common good of their country. Extremists prey on the most ordinary citizens through their sermons, their media, in their tracts, even commit murder in the name of values that are at odds with Islam.

Tags : Terrorism in Morocco, Jihadism, Suicide bombings

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