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Does the entry of the women in the world of the men change international policy?

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the greenhouse effect?
  3. The determining factors
  4. The heat wave in summers, is it actually due to the greenhouse effect?
  5. Will this phenomenon happen again?
  6. Conclusion

Hatshepsut, the queen or pharaoh of Egypt of the eighteenth dynasty marked the time in fighting and winning many victories in the land of Punt, the land of the future Somali. It foreshadowed the regional influence of the Egyptians at the dawn of the nineteenth and twentieth dynasties of Ramses. However, his successors did not see him as grateful as he deserved to be, and went on to try to eliminate all traces and memories of their queen.

The intrusion of the latter in the political affairs hitherto occupied by men, was seen as disastrous and a threat to the country. They even went far so as to masculine the name and texts relating to recognition as the equal to men pharaohs. Political power has in fact long been considered the preserve of men, or as in the days of Michelet, it has been the forte of the "manly men". Catherine de Medici had usurped male power, distorted history for 100 years. She is the embodiment of "evil" because a long period of "reversal of roles and sexual aberrations" was waiting to happen.

Therefore the entry of women into the "human world" that is politics, may seem to be a source of subversion, and so there are fewer changes. There are the "gender studies" developed successively to the expansion of international feminist movement in the late 1970's that allow one to analyze in depth the mechanisms of change. What distinguishes the "world of men"? How do women enter the field where they get to play men? What changes this entry suggests her? The vision of "gender studies," is it not discriminatory in itself?

It is indeed from the fact that international politics is the "world of men" par excellence, as it includes standards purely masculine and it does not seem to leave room for more women's influence standards, even those of feminists.

It has now become clear that women are finding ways to subvert this world inevitably and penetrating into the male dominant areas and imposing, somehow, their ideas on the men. The "gender studies" highlight the importance of "gender" of stakeholders in international relations and international politics no longer consider as an exclusively male world.

Tags: Entry of women in the world of the men; change in international policy; vision of gender studies; analysis of in depth mechanisms of change;

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