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Drug war: the Failed War

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  1. A greater influx of purer drugs at a cheaper price
  2. How the drug war hurts Americans and their families
  3. Against the drug : my own personal experience

The war on drugs has been around since the days of Nixon. We now see a greater influx of purer drugs at a cheaper price. Though the government tried to fight against this growing menace to the world of drugs, the Drug War was not a success and nor is America better off for it. Legislators press for mandatory minimum laws to enable drugs to get cheaper and purer. Thousands are imprisoned and lives are ruined because of fear of drugs. Alternatively, there seems to be another solution in Holland that has proved to be better than tough drug laws. This is the process of decriminalization. Decriminalization would not only stop massive numbers from going to jail but it would make it more difficult for today's youth to get drugs.

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