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Efficiency and Public Administration

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  1. Definitions and contemporary introduction of the efficiency
    1. Efficiency and Effectiveness
    2. Historical introduction of Efficiency
    3. What is a public good ?
  2. Efficiency, Accountability and Democracy
    1. Accountability and citizenship
    2. Was the program of efficiency gain effective?
    3. Difficulties of performance management

Our reflection will be based primarily on the works of both Janice Stein and Christopher Dunn. Further, other scholarly sources and personal considerations will also be accounted for our reflection on global and international relations. The first part of the reflection will focus around the definition of the concept of efficiency and its illation. Following this would be a quick dive into the effectiveness of ancient science and technology. The ancient effectiveness will be judged on the impact and reformation it has had on the present public political arena. Through this research an endorsement as to what can be accommodated as ?public good' can be considered. The second part will delve into accountability of public action, the analysis of the experiences of efficiency, research on adopted market mechanisms and finally handling the difficult question of management's performance and role in public administration.

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