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German reunification

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German reunification (Wiedervereinigung) corresponds to a set of events that led to the integration of East Germany and West Germany between October 1989 and October 1990.

The division of GDR / FRG took place in the year 1949 following the Berlin blockade, whereas in 1961, a wall was built; the "Berlin Wall", which aimed to prevent East Germans from escaping to the FRG. This wall represented the symbol of the division of Germany and was demolished in 1989.

The term "Ostpolitik" means the special foreign policy initiated by Willy Brandt in October 1969 when he was chancellor of the FRG, and allowed the establishment of diplomatic reconciliation between West Germany and Eastern Europe. It marked an essential evolution in terms of east/west approximation.

The Treaty of Berlin Quadripartite was signed in September 1971, when the USSR accepted the free transition of goods and people between West Berlin and the FRG. These provisions were sealed by December 21, 1972 through the basic treaty that led the FRG and the GDR to recognize each other.

The culmination of this rapprochement was held the following year when West Germany and East Germany were admitted jointly to the UN.

This document talks in detail about the reunification of Germany.

Tags: German reunification, Berlin Wall, Ostpolitik, Treaty of Berlin Quadripartite

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