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Influence of Jerusalem's religious symbolic in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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  1. Sources analysis
    1. Comment: Palestinian rights do not include the right to Jerusalem, by Elie Wiesel
  2. Analysis: Visions of a new Jerusalem, by Michael Adams
  3. Political analysis: The Intifada will continue and the occupation will end, by ?
  4. Reality Check: Israel's Identity Crisis, by Yaron Ben-Ami
  5. Influence of Jerusalem's religious symbolic In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The author, Wiezel takes position against a Palestinian-controlled Old Jerusalem, where all the holy and historical sites of Judaism stand. He states that Jerusalem is 'holier' to Jews than to Muslims, and that it should be put under exclusive Jewish jurisdiction for that very reason. Wiezel also alleges that the Palestinian authority, since Israels foundation in 1948, did not show any will for peace, therefore its people should not be given the right to control the Arab quarter of the city (East Jerusalem). Since it is a comment, this article is by definition biased. It is though very interesting concerning the purpose of the essay, which is approaching the problem from a human, rather than a political angle.

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