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Ireland: Culture, Religion and Identity

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  1. One nation, one culture?
    1. Definition of culture
    2. The characteristics of the Irish culture
    3. The idea of an Irish nation
    4. Culture and nation in Ireland
    5. Modernisation and national culture
    6. Post-modernity
  2. Religion
    1. Definition of the religion
    2. Impact of religion
    3. Ireland and the Catholic Church
    4. Religion and identity
    5. Religion and education
    6. The phenomenon of secularisation
    7. Does Religion have a future in Ireland?
  3. Globalisation and post-modern society in Ireland
    1. Definition of globalisation
    2. Globalisation and identities
    3. Globalisation and culture

In this essay, we are going to see the relationship between culture, religion and the identity in Ireland.

The first part of the essay focuses on the Irish culture. We are going to answer questions like: Does Ireland have a distinctive and homogeneous culture? What does it mean to be Irish today? Moreover, we will see if the modernization of the country has fundamental changes in their culture and whether the Irish people should be worried of the upcoming post-modernization.

In the second part of the essay, we are going to talk about religion and its grand influence on Irish people. We are going to examine if Ireland is still influenced by the Catholic Church and whether religion has a future in this country.

Finally, in the third part of the essay, we are going to study the phenomenon of globalization and its influence on countries, and on cultures and on identities.

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