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Is the European Parliament representative?

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  1. Introduction
  2. On the division of powers
    1. The allocation of powers by States
    2. The exclusive competence of the Community
  3. Collaboration between the EU and member states
    1. Skills linking the EU and EU Member States
    2. A more active role for national parliaments

The European Parliament is the parliamentary body of the European Union directly elected by citizens of member states every five years. With the Council of Ministers, it composes the legislative branch of the European institutions. The Parliament has its seat in Strasbourg and currently has 785 members. Since its inception in1962, it has continued to increase its powers. The issue of upgrading the European Parliament still arises today and faces the fear of European federalism undermining the national sovereignty of Member States. It is therefore necessary to assess to what extent it is needed to reform the European Parliament that is often considered the poor relation of the triangle community.

Once a proposal for a regulation or directive has been made, it must be approved by the Parliament and the Council to take effect. Parliament may amend or block legislation in policy areas that result from a co-decision procedure; it currently covers three quarters of the European Union legislative acts. The remaining sectors resulting from a cooperation procedure, the consultation procedure (Parliament makes a simple notice) or assent (the text is accepted or rejected, but may not be amended).

Tags: European Parliament; reforming the European Parliament; representation of the EU Parliament;

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