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New Labour implements a political revival in England

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  1. The economics changes made by the Labour Party
  2. The public services developed by Blair and the New Labour
  3. The way government added transparency to its relationship towards Britain's people

In 1999, Tony Blair hopes "A New Britain [] liberated from the forces of conservatism that so long have held them back, [], a model 21st century nation". Labour Party is elected with the intention of developing the country with new ideas, in order to create a new kind of politics. The party wants to show real differences between Conservatives and New Labour. Andrew Rawnsley gives his point of view about changes at the end of Thatcherism and the expansion of New Labour, in his article "Lady Vanishes", wrote in 1999. Tony Blair exposes, in his speech "The Third Way", the 21th September of 1998, the main changes in politics Britain's needs.

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