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Legislative initiative plan from senator anitere flores

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  1. Senator flores initiative on health, SDOH framework approach and public health policy
  2. Strategic action plan
  3. Nursing role/implication

In the contemporary society, there is the need for the Health Sector need to implement public policies that are effective in dealing social determinants of health (SDH). This is critical in minimizing inequalities in health care. This paper envisions the adoption of a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Framework and Public Health Policy to advance the health of individuals and all residents in Florida besides assisting the elected official to address the SDH.

[...] (2015, February). Constitution of the United States. Retrieved from LEE, F. E. (2011, June 16). Agreeing to Disagree: Agenda Content and Senate Partisanship. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 199-212. Retrieved from U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ( February 21). [...]

[...] This means that she is influential enough to facilitate a quick solution to the issue. She also has the authority over the state funds, which means she can easily influence the funding of the project meant to solve the health policy issue (Agreeing to Disagree: Agenda Content and Senate Partisanship 2006). The problem related to the issue is mainly the use of use of tobacco which has been considered as having the possibility of leading to vision loss and other health problems among members of the public such as lung cancer. [...]

[...] Equity in health is the core and explicit goal of the public health policy, which would also be achieved. The policy will alter the historical patterns of social stratification that produces inequities in health. At the same time, the policy focuses on the intermediate level steps to address factors that particularly undermine the health of disadvantaged groups (World Health Organization, 2005). Nevertheless, there are possible barriers to the policy success. The participation and influence in society could make it difficult for it to apply to some areas. [...]

[...] The public health policy would also play a significant role in addressing the challenges as well. Although challenges are inevitable, the policy and the framework can be attained if the strategies proposed are adhered to properly. References Canadian Medical Association . (2013). Health care in Canada: What makes us sick? Canadian Medical Association Town Hall Report July 2013, 1-14. Agreeing to Disagree: Agenda Content and Senate Partisanship (2006, June 16). Retrieved from t00003 Florida Health Care Association.(2015). Retrieved from:, accessed 19th February Killian, J. H. [...]

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