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Political instability: France, Germany and Italy

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  1. Introduction
  2. Political culture according to Almond
  3. The religious divide
  4. Debate over Almond's thesis
  5. The existence of anti system
  6. The lack of a strong, disciplined and moderate party of the Right
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

Comparison and explanation of the political instability experienced by pre-Fifth Republic France, during the Third and Fourth Republics of Weimar, Germany and post-war Italy

The aim of this essay is to understand and analyze the different features of the political instability which occurred throughout the 20th century, in France, Germany, and Italy. This objective can be reached by using the works of Almond and Sartori. Almond's work tries to classify the different systems of government into four main types, regarding their political role structure and their political culture. Thanks to this analysis, we'll be able to compare France, Germany, and Italy to the Anglo-American system which is according to Almond much more stable. The other theory, defined by Sartori, deals with the party systems and is mainly focused on plurality and on the ability of parties to form coalitions or to influence other parties. Obviously, the political instability experienced in France is not the same as the one experienced in Germany or in Italy, but most of the causes of this instability have the same roots. One should notice that the two theories mentioned above work together even if there may be some conflicts between them. However they don't provide a comprehensive explanation of the political instability but they can help use to have a better understanding of the numerous features of this problem.

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