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Political Marketing In French Political Party

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  1. Political marketing of UMP
    1. A typical but chosen communication
    2. By-products
    3. The new technologies
  2. Political Marketing of Social Party
    1. By-products
    2. The new technologies
    3. A chosen and targeted communication
  3. Two strategies radically opposite

"Political marketing is a phenomenon where parties develop political manifestos based around the results of qualitative and quantitative marketing research" ("Political Marketing, A global perspective, D.G. Lilleker & J. Lees-Marshment). However, political marketing is not just that. This phenomenon was founded to respond to the rise of better educated, more critical and informed voters. It was born in the United States of America in 1932. It was around the year 1952 that politicians became aware of what represented the political marketing for the success of their election campaigns. The rise of television in the society at that moment gave the opportunity for each political party to be watched by more people. In the United States of America, presidential candidate Eisenhower addressed the voters through the television, and through a unique subject based on a technique of commercial marketing, known as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In France, political marketing became popular more than ten years later, during the presidential elections of 1965. We will examine the various facets of political marketing in this document.

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