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Politics and Power in Scotland and Wales from 1966 to 1999 ? The Devolution

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  1. The 1960s-early 1970s as Turning Point
    1. The State of the Economy Britain-wide and on the Periphery
    2. A Protest vote?
    3. The identity question
    4. Decolonisation of the Nation and Mind
    5. A Critical Assessment of the Foregoing
  2. Devolution: first Attempt
    1. Business as Usual?
    2. The Kilbrandon Report
    3. Devolution as a Last Resort, or Labour's Big Dilemma
    4. A Divisive Issue
    5. The 1979 Referendum and its Aftermath
  3. The 'Ice Age' (1979-1997)
    1. A Radically New Agenda
    2. Concessions
    3. Playing the Economic Card
    4. The Gap Widens
  4. Devolution no matter what
    1. The Campaign for a Scottish Assembly / Parliament, the Scottish Constitutional Convention and the Campaign for a Welsh Assembly
    2. The European dimension and the New Nationalism
    3. Limits and Contradictions
  5. The dream come true
    1. The Referenda
    2. The Scotland and Wales Acts (1998)
    3. Devolution: à success?

Since 1997 and New Labour's landslide victory, there has been a flurry of legislation in the UK, eg with relation to the House of Lords, party funding and freedom of information, in an attempt to change and modernize the institutions of the country. What is known as devolution? Devolution means deputing or delegating of power or authority. Devolution is different from federalism, which is a constitutional settlement in which power is not devolved by the centre to the periphery (with, again, the centre remaining ultimately the locus of supreme power), but shared between two entities, as in America, Australia or Germany.

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