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Strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement in British environmental policy in the areas of climate change and energy

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  1. UK energy and climate change policy
    1. International Initiative and UK targets
    2. Meeting the challenge
  2. Strengths, weaknesses and alternatives
    1. UK energy policy and climate change limits
    2. What should be done

Climate change is now recognised as a major threat which can lead to worldwide disasters. Since the end of the 19th century, the average global temperature has risen from 0.4 to 0.8 C. Since we have begun recording the earth's temperature, 1998 has been the hottest year. The sea level has started to rise and will continue to do so if the issue remains unanswered. And the global average temperature could rise by as much as 5.8 C by 2100 if global warming is to continue. There is now a general consensus among scientists on the reality of climate change, as well as on the effect of human activity on the planet. Since the industrial revolution, which involved the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emissions have been produced and have led to an important rise in global temperatures. Nowadays, heating, transports, and energy production are among the activities, which contribute the most to global warming. Since climate change and greenhouse-gas emissions are linked, and since these emissions are created by the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity and for transport, our ability to reduce our impact on the earth involves redesigning our energy policy.

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