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Study of the black history in North America (1830-1930)

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The study of black history in North America is a contemporary phenomenon, which opens on various fields of study. Examples: Black History in the draft, blacks and politics, racism, and black contributions to the field of work. But to this day, black history is intimately linked to slavery. This is not surprising when you consider that for over two centuries in this capacity they were involved in the U.S., a country playing an important role in the world.

So, as mentioned above, the analytical data population will be the theme of the black population: from slavery to freedom. For cons, the study we chose to see otherwise is the issue of slavery. It is in the axis of the Great Migration that this work is written. This implies that we will analyze the displacement of people within the United States. To achieve this, we selected two states which are not the same, but may well complement each other: Virginia and Michigan.

The first is a slave state that is originally part of the thirteen British colonies in North America, while the other side, Michigan became a state in 1837 and is a non-slave state. In addition, to push the analysis further, we chose to retain for each state the county with the largest number of African Americans, or Halifax County Virginia and Wayne County (Detroit Region) in Michigan.

Tags: British colonies, Virginia, Michigan, black history

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