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The Texas Revolution

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  1. Several steps preceded Texas Independence
  2. Various figures were monumental in leading movements towards independence
  3. The first battle between Mexican Calvary and Texian settlers

The Texas Revolution was a rebellion against the centralist Mexican government. The rebellion took place between October 2, 1835 and April 21, 1836. The primary participants were the occupants of the Mexican province of Texas. Political and cultural differences prior to the beginning of the Texas Revolution lead to the occurrence. By the end of the rebellion Texas became the 28th state of the United States.

[...] (Binkley) The Texas Revolution is ended when Santa Anna and David G. Burnet sign the Treaty of Velasco. (Winders) Under the leadership of Sam Houston Texas is demilitarized, peace is established with the Indians, and Texas is annexed to the United States. (Barker) Various figures were monumental in leading movements towards independence. Mier y Teran was responsible for reports to the Mexican government. His reports of Americans outnumbering Mexicans 10 to 1 caused the Law of April 6th to be enacted. [...]

[...] Texian troops, under the command of Stephen Austin, attempt to find a defensive location, but are surprised by General Martin Cos. Nevertheless, the Texians drive the Mexicans away. On November the ?Grass Fight? took place outside of San Antonio. This is the second clash in the siege of Bexar. By December General Cos surrendered and withdrew troops from Rio Grande. (Barker) Participation in the Texas Revolution was a tough decision for the Tejanos. The group of Hispanic descent Texans were basically forced to pick a side. [...]

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