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The Algerian Civil War

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  1. The events of the Algerian civil war between 1988 and 1992
  2. Origins of the Algerian civil war
  3. Aftermaths of the civil war in Algeria

The Algerian civil war which occurred in Algeria in 1988 is the focus of this essay which is presented in three parts. The first part gives an account of the events of the Algerian civil war which took place from the riots of October 1988 to the beginning of the civil war which broke out following the interruption of the democratic process in 1992. The second part describes the political, economical and ideological origins of the conflict. According to many authors, the civil war resulted from government's opposition to different Islamic groups which wanted a change of government, including reforms in social, political and economic fields. The final part is a summary giving an analysis of the aftermath of the civil war in Algeria, in particular the social and economic situation and the adoption of the Charter for Peace and Reconciliation in 2005. According to Hugh Roberts, Algeria has been embroiled in a dramatic civil war from the riots of October 1988 until the legislative elections on 30th May 2002. "After 1988, Algeria appeared to be experiencing a real transition from autocratic to democratic rule" asserts Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Egyptian American sociologist and author. According to Algeria-Watch, the October riot of 1988 marked the beginning of the uprising of the Algerian population for a more democratic political system. Official reports assessed 176 people were dead, 900 were arrested along with damages caused to materials.

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