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The new challenges of the Finnish welfare state after 1980's

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  1. From the climax of the Finnish welfare state to the falling into the depths
    1. The achievement of Finland's welfare policies in the 1980's
    2. The Finnish steep decline or the question of the welfare state sustainability
  2. Finland's welfare state facing intensified global challenges during the last decade
    1. The economic turnaround in an international context
    2. Current and future challenges that Finland has to take up

Even though Finland experienced a similar GDP per capita as Chile or Uruguay in the 1950's, the GDP of the former has now tripled. The orientation of economic development, a constant economic growth, the rising of public sector and the emergence of compromises and consensus regarding political and social values explain the incredible Finnish evolution from backwardness to the welfare state stage. As the "Japan of Europe", Finland succeeded in combining solidarity towards underprivileged people, a governmental management of economy, universal values and the promotion of innovation and competent state policies. De facto, since the early 80's, we can consider that the Finnish conception of welfare state was achieved. Nevertheless, Finland has to face various challenges which permanently test the limits of its development model.

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