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The regional issues in Italy and Spain, are their developments similar?

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  1. Introduction
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To classify the type of an internal organization of a State, it establishes an opposition between the unitary state, centralized state and federal state, where many powers are delegated to the regions.

Although constitutionally belonging to the first category, Spain and Italy, by their tendency of decentralization, can be placed accurately in this typology, in fact, we note that since the start of their dictatorial period ( 47-78 for Italy and Spain), the political-territorial organization of these two countries has undergone a profound shift toward decentralization, never ceasing to give ever more power to regions, therefore we must ask: What characterizes this trend and how the changes in these two states are similar?

These were two states which were formed after rallies in several provinces. Spain was formed in the fifteenth century in the meeting of rival kingdoms of Catalonia and Castile. The formation of Italy was slower. It happened only in the nineteenth century and it is the result of the union of several kingdoms, under the leadership of the Kingdom of Sardinia in particular. Italy was fully unified in 1871 with the annexation of Rome, which became its capital.

This union between rival kingdoms responds mainly to economic interests became apparent with the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

Tags: Italy; Spain; regional issues; Industrial Revolution

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