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The rise and limits of populist parties and movements in Europe

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  1. Why can we speak of a rise of populist and extreme right movements in Europe?
    1. The electoral rise
    2. What are the new extreme right parties?
    3. Is there a European extreme right?
  2. The reasons of the rise
    1. Sociology of the voters
    2. Economic & cultural explanations
    3. Political explanations
  3. The limits of populism
    1. An electoral fall?
    2. The paradox of the voters: can the alliance of the working classes and the middle class continue ?
    3. The strength of their extremist ideas

Any success of a populist party is often considered as a threat, a rise endangering Democracy. Even if there is a lot of passion over this issue, it is true that there has been a rise of populist parties in Europe, from the 1980s to late 1990s, a rise which has stabilized or reversed recently. These new populist parties appeared after the great period of stability (from the post war to the late 1960s), a period in which most extremist parties were small groups or party flashes. Since then, there are new populist parties. It is funded on a direct link between the leader and the people and a distinction between 'us' and 'them'.

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