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Sustainable Agriculture: Achieving Food Reform

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  1. Introduction
  2. Major setbacks of industrial farming
  3. Supplementary findings on the harms of pesticide on humans
  4. The article titled 'Sowing Disaster?'
  5. Kimbrell's observation of monoculture
  6. The seemingly overwhelming setbacks
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

We have a global crisis on our hands. For decades, industrial agriculturists have ravaged and monopolized our global countryside and our global resources. Recently, as world hunger awareness has grown, these corporations would claim in the name of good will and the elimination of world hunger to save the lives of millions of people worldwide. But in fact, industrial agriculturists consume people much like they consume resources. Due to the fact that industrial farming alters the lives of populations worldwide, this problem is not simply one for Mother Nature to work out. This essay will collapse the solidarity of the industrial agriculture system by both exposing its faults and suggesting solutions (like the simplicity of sustainable agriculture) to the problems it has created.

[...] In their role as educators, they must refuse to ?domesticate' people? (qtd. in Drummond 15). This quotation expresses the importance of organizations like the Kerr Center and the Youth Farm and Market Project. Organizations such as these allow youth and families to use hands-on educational farming methods, which Drummond and Freire suggest are so essential to learning, and ultimately achieving a sustainable agriculture. Works Cited ?Thirtieth Anniversary of Misguided Ban on DDT?Without This Pesticide, Millions Die of Malaria, Says Health Group; Senate [...]

[...] [but] found its way into dozens of popular food products in supermarkets around the country; causing one of the largest food recalls in recent history? (77). The article ?Sowing Disaster?? (The Nation 2002) details a case in which such bioengineered products, in this case the Bt corn gene, have changed the global landscape. The article relates the history of the ancient corn crop in the Mexican village Capulalpan. There are 60 different varieties of corns grown in Capaulalpan, and until recently, its soil remained untouched by genetically engineered corn (11-12). [...]

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