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Africa faces its future: The African Union or Union of the States of Africa?

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  1. Presentation of the country
  2. Legal Risks
  3. Political risks
  4. Cultural risks
  5. Financial risks
  6. To Resume Ecuadorian's risks
  7. Form of Internal Business to be used to enter the foreign market
  8. Conclusion

The African Union Summit held last July in Ghana provided a stellar opportunity to study firsthand the state of the media in Africa and the power they exert over public opinion. At the summit in Accra, the media was mistreated by the Ghana authorities, an incident that has not helped boost Africa's image which has already been tarnished in the international media.

The media often associates this continent with scenes of misery, poverty, disease, civil wars, ethnic and border conflicts, corruption, nepotism and bad governance. It should be noted that Ghana TV bagged the monopoly regarding the summit coverage and the quality of its service was deplorable; it has shown its limitations in controlling the sound and image technology and further complicated the task of journalists who had come to ensure coverage of the summit.

Africa has missed an opportunity to improve its image, but it also overturned a debate expected to be held between the presidents of the AU and representatives of the African Editors Forum on the theme: ?Formation of the image of Africa; Roles and responsibilities of political leaders and media'. The postponement of the debate under the formal version of the host country is due to the late arrival of heads of states and this has messed up the whole program.
Tags: African Union Summit, African Editors Forum, Africa's role in the global economy

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