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An essay on the comparison between Nazi and Stalinist totalitarianism

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The term ?totalitarianism? appeared for the first time in 1928 in ?the New Review?. It was later adopted by Benito Mussolini, the Duce of Italian Fascism, to indicate its own mode. This term is retroactive today because it includes at least three models of experiments: the German Fascism of Hitler, the Italian Fascism of Mussolini and the Stalinist Communism.

Is it abusive to use the same word to indicate the two experiments of Nazi and Stalinist or is there a similarity between the two? Our analysis is divided into two parts: we initially see that in both cases the idea is identical but methods are different.

The interwar period is a fertile ground for the expansion of totalitarian models. The idea embodied in the very word "totalitarianism" implies an entire society that is no longer formed by people, but a mass.

Nazi and Stalinist projects aim to reshape society to their liking, according to their own approach to the "new man". The "Führer" wants to purify his race, which the elements deemed pathogenic while the "Great Leader" wants to make a Soviet man, stripped of all national sentiment Czech, Slovak, Yugoslav, Polish, and Finnish between the compositions of the mosaic of nationalities that characterizes Eastern Europe.

In Germany, after the Great War and its defeat in 1918, the national sentiment is humiliated by the "Diktat" of Versailles and Hitler found fertile ground for the remodeling of German national sentiment.

Tags: totalitarianism, New Review, comparison between Nazi and Stalinist totalitarianism

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