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Birth of Europe

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The history of European construction cannot be understood without a clear reference to the Second World War and the extent of this tragedy. Indeed, when we think about the founding fathers of Europe, the idea is to put a final term at the war on the European ground.

The European idea, the common will of pacifists has forever pacified Europe and thus appears well as a reaction to the warlike cruelty which struck the whole world. At the bottom, it is also about a resumption of an idea developed by Kant in the second article for perpetual peace where he defends the idea of a federation which must gradually extend to all the states and thus lead to perpetual peace.

Kant demanded for a contract of peace which regulates not only one particular war but an alliance of peace which seeks to finish all the wars. It is a question of applying to the States the method applied to the individuals towards the community, i.e. with the renunciation of wild freedom ?to put up with public laws of constraints and to constitute a state of the people thus? (Kant).

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