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Blair's "Blairism"

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  1. Introduction - Case abstract
  2. Strategic Audit
    1. Current mission
    2. Current objectives
    3. Current strategies
  3. External environment
  4. Internal environment
  5. Strategic alternatives
    1. Continue Related Diversification Strategy via Acquisitions
    2. Expand Retailing Stores in Latin America & Beyond
    3. Introduce New Products in Current Retail Locations
  6. Recommendation
  7. Implementation

The term "Blairism" in British politics refers to the political ideology of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. It refers to Blair's policies and intellectual approach. He was the British Prime Minister for three terms from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. The proponents of Blairism are known as Blairites, or Blairists. Blair's ideology involved introduction of quasi markets, an Atlanticist foreign policy, a large focus on surveillance, christian socialism, stronger law enforcement, education, eradicating unemployment etc. This document is a rhetoric, semiotic and aesthetic analysis of Blair's discursive strategies, which he implemented during his three terms as Prime Minister. This analysis is based on a string of excerpts from his speeches, and newspaper articles from both English and French newspapers.

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