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Building the Republic

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  1. Introduction
  2. The questions posed
  3. Building a new central government
  4. The fundamental problem in politics
  5. Perfect democracy
  6. The greatest dilemma that Madison acknowledges in Article 10
  7. Relationship and factions
  8. Creation of universal laws
  9. The republican principle
  10. Conclusion

In the Federalist paper, James Madison discusses the difference between state ran democracy and the federal republic. One of the most important articles written in the Federalist Papers is considered to be essay number 10. That document was written by James Madison and it discusses many important differences between state ran government, central government that controls the power of states to some degree and even touches on the absolute democracy, where people assemble to enact and implement the laws and regulations of the government.

[...] From my personal point of view the present White House cabinet has not been serving to the benefit of the people. It was not driven by decisions that many people see as beneficial for this nation. And one can see republican principle? already coming into play. It is projected by many poles that the Republican Party has very little chance of holding the office in the upcoming elections. Although it is hard to see today the fundamental building blacks of democracy that Madison fought so hard to build. They still [...]

[...] Simply because for the bill to become law it'll have to be accepted by a majority of all or most of the factions which, in turn will be able to accommodate more citizens. So the greater is the difference in opinion between the ruling factions, the greater is the overall benefit to the country. Madison particularly states that this structure of the government can only exist on the large scale of the government. Meaning, in order for this idea to work all the states will have to be represented under one centralized power. [...]

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