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Can the State of Israel live with its current environment?

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Israel occupies a special place in the Middle-East. It is located in the middle of the Arab world. It is a small country has never been successful in living in harmony with its neighbors. It crystallized the animosity in its vicinity without being able to find a final solution to its problems. Its problems are largely due to confusion over the definition of its territory, its borders and the integration of an Arab population which grew very quickly.

The foreign assistance and the support from which Israel profits enabled it to put up with this hostile environment for a while. The integration of Israel has been a failure. This failure should bring Israel to negotiate a durable solution in their best interests with the Arab countries which are its natural partners.
The idea of returning to the land of Palestine was a problem before the birth of the State of Israel. This idea emerged in the late 19th century (Theodor Herzl). This movement which had political and religious foundations was initially limited. But it grew with the rise of Hitler. 84 000 Jews surveyed in 1922 (11% of the total population) 411 000 1938 (28% of the population).

From the very beginning, Arab countries were opposed to the emergence of Israel.
Israel was founded in 1948 under the pressure of events of the Holocaust. The westerners did not oppose the coexistence of Arab and Jewish communities in developing a United Nations partition plan that gave 55% of British territory to the Jews.

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