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Criteria of Copenhagen

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The Copenhagen Criteria is a set of qualifications that need to be met by a country that wishes to join the European Union.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the European Community established diplomatic relations with the Central European countries and Eastern (PECO) before concluding a series of agreements that were associated with trade and other forms of co-operation. It began to financially support their efforts of reform and rebuilding their economies before considering the possibility of the adhesion of these countries.

Several factors contributed to this idea of adhesion:

-The return to faster and more solid growth that was envisaged is a factor of acceleration,. This, on the whole, was the catalyst of the process. Thus, a simple economic policy was necessary to reach the higher level.

-the European Union was conscious of the moral duty that was involved. At the time of the European Council of Copenhagen (June 21st and 22nd), the Union took a decisive step towards current widening and felt that 'countries that were associated with Central and Eastern Europe wished they could become members of the European Union. Adhesion could take place as soon as the associated country is able to fulfill the obligations which result from this(the Copenhagen Criteria)..?

At the same time, the European Council defined the criteria of adhesion - ?Adhesion requires, on the behalf of the applicant country, that it has stable institutions that guarantee democracy, the rule of the law, human rights, respect of the minorities and their protection, the existence of a viable market economy as well as the capacity to face the competing pressure and with the forces of the market inside the Union. Adhesion presupposes the capacity of the applicant country to assume the obligations that are required of them and in particular to subscribe to the objectives of the political, economic and monetary Union?.

Thus the European Council wished to prepare the European Community with the surge of the deposits of candidature of the old communist countries.

Tags - European Union, Copenhagen criteria, economic policies

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