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Did Castro create “Cuba Libre”?

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When Fidel Castro reversed the Cuban dictator Batista in 1959, a wind of hope blew throughout Cuba. With the advent of elections, the revolutionist promised the installation of reforms and also vowed to eradicate poverty and social inequalities, the two plagues in the country. However, as days passed by, no election was about to be organized, the economy stagnated; the mode showed signs of toughening and nearly 47 years after the revolution Castro still held control.

This document, will highlight whether Castro promised to create the Cuba which he had committed to himself. The first part of this work will concentrate on the arguments showing the achievements of Castro for the development of Cuba. In the second part, it will show that Fidel Castro had also plotted in toughening the mode, thus tending towards the opposite.

Before Castor's ascent to power, the island was almost totally dependent on the United States at all levels. As for politics, the intervention of the United States began as early as their involvement in the Revolutionary War between Spain and Cuba in the late 19thcentury. Therefore it did not cease, either by militarily occupying the country, imposing a president of their choice or by participating in the drafting of the constitution. As for the economy, Americans were fully present in by far as the largest trading partner of Cuba. Thus, in 1958,68.4 percent of Cuban foreign trade was done with them. In addition, they invested heavily in all sectors of the economy, thus becoming owners of many businesses, especially in the agricultural sector. In 1928, the sugar factories owned by Americans produced about 75 percent of the total, and this figure remained earlier at 47 percent nine years before the Revolution.Thus, it is clear that at the time the island was totally dominated by the presence of Americans, accounting for them as a real protectorate.

One of the promises of Castro since he took office was to free theCuban people of the immense imperialism of their powerful northern neighbor. Why he took drastic measures. From the beginning, Castro decided to replace the supplier of crude oil from Cuba, Venezuela, by the USSR. Oil companies that were, in American hands, refused to refine oil from that country. Castro responded by expropriating them, to which the Eisenhower administration responded by removing the Cuban sugar quota in force in the United States.

Tags: Did Castro create the Cuba he promised? Achievements of Castro; development of Cuba;

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