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Should illegal immigrants be legalised in the USA?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The reform project.
    1. Legalization of illegal immigrants.
    2. Repairing the initial injustice of being born in Liberia or in Ecuador.
  3. Contribution of immigrants to the American prosperity.
  4. Negative consequence of illegal immigration.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

While the Spanish government legalised 600,000 undocumented workers in May 2005 and the French Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy is currently trying to get his bill reinforcing control over illegal immigrants passed through the French National Assembly, the United States, traditionally known as the biggest immigration country ever, is also discussing the statute of the 12 million aliens living on American territory. The House Resolution 4437 (Border Protection, Anti terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005), which aims at criminalizing undocumented immigrants and any people having provided help to an illegal alien, has already been voted by the House of Representatives in December 2005 but is now discussed by the Senators.

[...] Arguing that illegal immigrants are threatening the public order and national security to refuse their legalization is a particularly frequently used line of reasoning in the USA since though it is (very) close to basic xenophobia. In the cosmopolitan analysis, on the contrary, each individual is a ?citizen of the world?, whose value is the same, wherever he was born. Consequently, he has theoretically the right to move all over the world as easily as in a unique and same country. [...]

[...] As a result, legal immigrants would suffer from the negative impact that undocumented workers have on the perception public opinion has about immigrants in general. Legalizing paperless immigrants would thus ruin unduly the benefits that legal immigrants acquired by entering the country legally. As a conclusion, open immigration does not appear as a very satisfying policy, even for a nation like the USA, which based its success and national identity on successive flows of immigration. There is no doubt that anyone should have the right to try to get a better life, but we must also recognize that only a socially and economically healthy society can give a fair chance to everybody. [...]

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