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The government has dealt with domestic issues in America

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  1. Introduction
  2. The the influence of my mother and father
  3. Politics: Not a huge part of my family
  4. The issue of Education
    1. Public education in the United States
    2. Creating a more stable social scene
  5. The issue of National debt
    1. National Spending over the years
    2. The rising the National debt
    3. National debt: A major problem
  6. The issue of immigration
    1. The change in immigration over the past 200 years
    2. The growing numbers of illegal immigrants
    3. Restrictions and punishments for illegal immigrants
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

As a young child, my political issues were few and far between in my daytime play ground issues, however, eventually, the news took over much of the talk when Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were running for President during the campaign of 1996. I wanted to know why my parents where so into Bill Clinton and what the problems where with Bob Dole and issues that he was talking about on T.V. His commercials conveyed wonderful images of him holding babies and kissing his wife, so I was confused as to why they disliked him so much. He looked like a good guy to me.

At the time I didn't understand what the different political views were or what they meant, but in as little amount of information as possible, my mother explained that there were differences between the two candidates and the ways they felt the United States should be run.

[...] I feel strongly about education, it's the backbone of our country and helps all Americans to strive for a better life. National Debt has been an upcoming problem that the United States will face major problems with in the future. With less spending on wars and other over sea issues we can help with programs around the U.S. such as the issue of over crowded schools. Lastly, I feel strongly that America should allow more immigration to the United States, its not only the [...]

[...] One of the only lessons I learned from the campaign that has stayed with me to this day is that I should make my own choices and not others influence me completely. Although I have come to my own conclusions about many political issues, there is no doubt that the influence of my mother and father has had some effect on me. When I was born my parents spilt apart and went there separate ways to get married again a few years later. [...]

[...] News, US Senate has already approved the increase, but the measure is deadlocked in the House of Representatives, where conservative Republicans are refusing to back an increase to the government's debt.?(BBC) I feel strongly that national debt is a major problem that we are going to face in the future. Yes, many people say that we need some type of debt, but the amount of money that is being spent on the war in Iraq could be money that should be spent towards school programs and other issues around the United States. [...]

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