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Discrimination in the United Kingdom

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  1. Ghaffur's case: an illustration of Asian integration
  2. Progress made regarding racial discrimination
  3. The persistence of racial discrimination within the Met

Asians, and more specifically people from India, Pakistan or Bengladesh, make up the largest ethnic minority in the United Kingdom (UK). Their integration into the British society as well as into the job market and specific sectors like the police forces, has been at the core of many a debates. Tarique Ghaffur's case exemplifies this. These two articles, both from the BBC, deal with Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur's racial and religious discrimination claim against his employer, London Metropolitan Police, also known as 'the Met' or 'Scotland Yard'. The first article, which dates back to 25 June 2008, exposes Ghaffur's career, while the other, published two months later, reports the reaction of the Met's top management to this claim. Ghaffur's life and career, as an illustration of Asian integration is the first aspect of those two texts that will need close scrutiny, enabling us then to examine the improvements made over the last few decades. Yet, that these articles show discrimination still does persist in some areas.

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