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The cannibalism

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  1. Introduction
  2. Different kinds of criminal cannibalism
  3. Legislation about cannibalism
  4. Cases of cannibalism around the world
  5. Study of one particular case: the affair Issei Sawaga
  6. Conclusion

Cannibalism is perceived with disgust and indignation in several cultures. It is considered a wild behavior by most. The only tolerated cannibalism form is the one that allows survival in a desperate situation. ?Survival? cannibalism is very rare and can be explained by specific conditions; nevertheless it remains punishable by the law. Nowadays, murder and consumption of a human body, out of famines, is considered as criminal cannibalism.

It is considered as a psycho-sexual disorder. The individual sexualize's one's flesh consumption. This act can release a sexual frustration. Cannibalism is considered as a form of sexual sadism. Example: In the 1920s, an American man named Albert Fish raped, killed and ate several children. He admitted experiencing a huge sexual pleasure when eating a child.

Most of cannibalism acts are motivated by power or control over the victim. Cannibalism is the ultimate expression of domination on another person.
Aggression cannibalism is motivated by feelings of hostility or fear that creates a need of domination, vengeance or control over a victim by killing or eating him/her.
Example: Anna Zimmerman: a young German, 26, mother of two, killed her boyfriend by vengeance and anger, then ate him with her children (she's one of the rare cannibal women).

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