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Contemporary Moral Disputes: Abortion Argument Statement

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pro-Choice arguments
  3. Anti-Abortion arguments
  4. Responses

This paper takes the stance that Cindy Richardson's fetus should be aborted. The structure of the paper is as follows: First, reasons in favor of aborting Cindy's two month old fetus will be presented. Second, reasons against aborting Cindy's fetus will be discussed, as well as rebuttals to the first pro-choice arguments. Third, responses to the pro-life arguments will be given. For simplicity sake, the being inside the mother will always be referred to as a fetus. Most often this will refer to an early fetus. This paper opens with a strong argument from Mary Anne Warren.

Warren believes that ?personhood? is the fundamental basis for membership in the moral community, and that a fetus is not a person. Therefore a fetus should not be part of our moral considerations

[...] The FLO argument has three components: Killing is wrong because it deprives an individual of a future of value, a future like ours (an FLO). A fetus has a FLO. Abortion is morally wrong.[9] Furthermore, just because a fetus is temporarily unconscious does not mean that it does not have interests. A person who is temporarily unconscious on life support has interests, and it is hard to see why a fetus, on life support of the womb, is any different.[10] In short, because a fetus has an FLO, it is as wrong to kill it as it is to kill a fully-grown adult. [...]

[...] James E. White. Ninth Edition. USA Pg See Warren, Mary Anne. the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion.? Contemporary Moral Problems. James E. White. Ninth Edition. USA Pg Thomson, Judith Jarvis. Defense of Abortion.? Contemporary Moral Problems. James E. White. Ninth Edition. USA Pg Noonan, John T. Jr. Absolute Value in History.? Contemporary Moral Problems. James E. White. Ninth Edition. USA Pg Noonan, John [...]

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