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  1. Introduction
  2. The view of EADS concerning sustainable development
  3. Measures in term of reduction of aeronautical pollution
  4. Criticism and figures
  5. Conclusion

Sustainability is critical to EADS. It is concerned about sustainability when it design and market its products because they have long life cycles which exceed 30 years. Sustainability influences the short- and long-term objectives and so decisions.
Sustainable mobility and the evolution to a « green » economy are currently some of the most critical questions. EADS recognizes its responsibility to society as it is one of the world's largest aerospace and defense groups. The corporation wants to act as a responsible citizen.

EADS's last top priority is ?to move to an eco-efficient enterprise ? promote eco-efficiency as a driver of innovation in research, production, product development and new business opportunities.?
Eco-efficiency is the major value of EADS concerning sustainable development. For EADS, it is to create economic value while minimizing environmental impact. And so the engineers are energetically transforming the products so that they lead the way towards a sustainable future. (For example: EADS is developing quieter aircraft that emit less greenhouse gas.)

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