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Engaging in CIO-CxO “Conversations That Matter”: An Interview with Peter Keen

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  1. Introduction
  2. Peter Keen
  3. Conversations That Matter
  4. California Management Review
  5. Conclusion

In the last decades, the advances in Information Technology have been an upheaval in the business world. The Chief Information Officer, so-called CIO supervises all the IT related matters, but his position goes beyond that as he operates in most of the business fields. In the conferred article, Omar El Sawy interviews Peter G.W. Keen, the father of Management as we like to refer to him. Keen is the chairman of Keen innovations but also a speaker, consultant and researcher. They engaged ?conversation that matters? in the relationship between CxO (any Chief Officer position) and CIO. Keen's position towards the subject is clear and overall goes along with my own point of view. The main claim developed by the speaker throughout the interview is that there is an uprising change is CIO's attention towards cost controlling and that the concept of innovation has become much more open, global and collaborative in involving diverse network of partners. In order to assess the ideas in Keen's interview, it is interesting to refer to a couple of concepts such as innovation, outsourcing and cloud computing: ?'the aim is to explain why innovation is so difficult and to point towards effective strategies for managing the process of change. Many commentators have drawn attention to the problems of implementation that result in systems being technical successes but organizational failures.'' (Keen 2010).

[...] Digital tools are implanting themselves into an growing array of products & services, expanding at the same time the importance of Information Technology in all innovations. Thereby, this emphasis has been displaced by the evolving attentiveness in service innovation. All those modifications have suggestively strengthened the prominence of IT (for digital innovations as well as for product lifecycle management (PLM) ) systems to collaborate with social networks who must in their turn include IS schemes and notions and concepts in their product and/or service innovation. Again he relates the CIO's role to this matter and evoke digital platforms as an innovation trigger. [...]

[...] He must also have visionary competencies allowing him to envision operational and strategic opportunities as well as advocating for new technology. It is crucial to understand the relationship and difference between CEOs and CIOs, because a couple years ago, the term CIO did not even exist, and people concerned with information systems were typically perceived as technologists, with a limited cross-functional relationship with the other business divisions. At that time, Information technology was only considered as a support activity managed by technical professionals who maintain the technology and make it work. [...]

[...] Its second strength is the level of reversibility thanks to the low investment of financial resources and the lack of involvement of the acquiring company in the management and the providing of the assets needed to conduct the research. It is also worth pointing out that the research Study led by Weeks & Feeny in Outsourcing: FROM COST MANAGEMENT TO INNOVATION AND BUSINESS VALUE, shows that the inter-organizational relationships frames the processes having a considerable impact on innovation outcomes. The following figure identifies the different enablers parties: 3 Source: Weeks, M. R., & Feeny, D. (2008). Outsourcing: FROM COST MANAGEMENT TO INNOVATION AND BUSINESS VALUE. California Management Review, 127-146. [...]

[...] (2010). ENGAGING IN CIO-CxO "CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER": AN INTERVIEW WITH PETER KEEN. MIS Quarterly Executive, 61-64. Feeny, D. F., Edwards, B. R., & Simpson, K. M. (1992). Understanding the CEO/CIO Relationship. MIS Quarterly, 435-448. Karahanna, E., & Preston, D. S. (2013). [...]

[...] Outsourcing: FROM COST MANAGEMENT TO INNOVATION AND BUSINESS VALUE. California Management Review, 127-146. Wilson, C. (2007). The CIO Role Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Cio, 89-94. [...]

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