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Humanities and contemporary issues: cheerfulness, wealth, and the material World

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  1. Introduction
  2. Humanities and contemporary issues
  3. Cheerfulness, wealth, and the material World
  4. Conclusion

More research work has been done in the recent past to ascertain whether more money results in more happiness. This question has been an omnipresent one throughout the timeline of human history; however, not satisfactory answer is yet to be arrived. Societal researchers have unearthed a connection between wealth and happiness; specifically national wealth and the overall happiness of a nation's inhabitants; such nations-nations of greater wealth, such as Japan and the US, reported better subjective well-being(Freud, Gay, and Hitchens 2010). Questions, however, still linger, specifically with regards to how individual's well-being is connected or is related to money and material wealth. This paper, therefore, will attempt to answer this question, and indeed clarify how money, and happiness and well-being are connected.

Individual well-being or happiness is a rather more general idea with a myriad of distinct facets. It is thus, important that this analysis and discussion by first demystifying this complex phenomenon of happiness or well-being. Then, it will be prudent to also establish the type of relationship that exists between various facets of happiness/well-being and money or material wealth. Well-being or happiness simply refers to the general human satisfaction with life, and positive feeling including enjoyment.

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