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Racism in the US

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  1. Introduction
  2. United States between 1974 and today
  3. Race and racism
  4. African-American Relations
  5. Conclusion

America is usually considered as the country of «melting pot». This word is used to indicate the American assimilation of immigrate population in one homogeneous society. The initial differences disappear to gather in one nation. But one may wonder if this idealistic vision of the American society is not only a pipe dream that has never really existed. Nowadays, politicians and journalists use the expression «salad bowl». This concept draws a society where each community keeps living separately from one to another claiming its own culture. These two concepts of «melting pot» and «salad bowl» open the debate on the question of inter racial community and the way they stand alongside in the society. Races and the way they mix together in the society has always been a burning issue in the United States. The Black community never stop claiming its rights since two hundred years.

In June 1974, Boston judge Wendell Arthur Garrity required the utilization of buses to desegregate public school in the city. This decision launched an anti black movement in the city. Ten years after the Civil and the Voting Rights Acts, the United States were still a broke nation where the black community was not entirely assimilated in the society. In February 2012, the Trayvon Martin case raised the indignation of the African American society. A 28 years old Latino American shot dead a 17 years old Afro American after an altercation because he thought the young man had a suspicious behavior. The killer Zimmerman was found non guilty after 16 hours of deliberation. This event raised the question around racism and rights equality in the society.

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