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According to Stefan Prins Sottiaux and Dajo, "it might have been better to make the first condition less strictly, so that only callers political parties systematically make use of illegal means can be prohibited." The Court E.D.H. talking serious violent offenses and refers to jihad.

In addition, the Court is based on the concept of "basic democratic principles". The judges give no indication to define those principles.
Through "democratic" means the act of giving a role to the people. There is no democracy when people abandon its legislative and judicial powers in favor of a non-entity responsible to the people it governs, whether that entity is secular or religious.

As for the notion of "rule of law", the author reports that must mean that all human beings are equal before the law in rights as in their duties. But the law must take into account differences that have an objective and reasonable justification, and pursue a legitimate aim and proportionate, but also conforms to the principles which normally prevail in democratic societies.
This is not the case when there is discrimination with regard to sex, political beliefs and different religious or or when the proposed system is multi-legal.

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