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What are the powerful symbols of rebirth and hope?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Symbols of rebirth and hope
    1. Christianity
    2. Judaism
    3. Islam
  3. Islamic symbols of hope and rebirth
  4. Buddhism
  5. Buddhist symbols of hope and rebirth
  6. Hinduism
  7. Taoism
  8. Taoist symbols of hope and rebirth
  9. Changes in thoughts after research.
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography

Throughout the course of time and contained within most historical references that discuss, analyze and theorize about ancient as well as modern religions there is almost always a reference to symbols as they relate to the multitude of religions. Specifically, this paper discusses symbols of rebirth and hope for the six religions our class focused on: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Now each of these religions has a variety of symbols that represent anything from life to death but I want to narrow it down to symbols of rebirth and hope.

Keywords: Christianity, Cross, Bible, Baptism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Nirvana, Hinduism, Taoism

[...] The Four Noble Truths are symbols of hope and rebirth in that they validate the suffering of everyday life (Noble Truth Life is suffering); they offer a cause for this suffering (Noble Truth Suffering has a cause: craving and attachment), they offer hope that the cause can be overcome (Noble Truth Craving and attachment can be overcome); and finally, they offer the solution (Noble Truth The Eightfold Path right understanding, right purpose, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right alertness and right concentration). [...]

[...] Cows are symbols of hope and rebirth in that they can support many while living, they can propagate and produce offspring to continue providing resources and they provide much needed resources to the earth when they die. Taoism Taoism is a religion that does not believe in a God and it was incorporated as the state religion of China in the fifth century. It is based on the work, The Tao-te-Ching, supposedly written around 600 B.C. and attributed to the philosopher Lao Tse. [...]

[...] Just like any other religion that has survived for thousands of years, Judaism has many symbols of rebirth and hope that are used in day to day worship now. Jewish Symbols of Hope and Rebirth The Covenant the Jewish people believe that God made a covenant or an agreement with Abraham that said would establish a chosen people, a ?great nation,? from Abraham's descendants (Toropov In return for this covenant, Abraham and his people would offer complete devotion to God. [...]

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