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Mumbai rescued victims center (MRVC)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Who is the National Family Justice Center Alliance?
  3. The Expansion of the National Family Justice Center Alliance
  4. The Need for Mumbai Rescued Victims Project in Mumbai (MRVC) project
  5. Need Analysis
  6. Community Assessment
  7. Religious Implications
  8. Diversity Issues
  9. Stakeholders
  10. Opposition
  11. Policy Issues
  12. Purpose
  13. Analysis of the Project
  14. Research Areas
  15. Budget Analysis
  16. Conclusion

- This Project started with an idea of starting a similar Justice Center model in India. - The Director of the Nampa Family Justice Center encouraged me to pursue with the thought. - The National Family Justice Center Alliance founder expressed the desire to listen to this idea. - They provide strategic planning to existing or developing Justice Centers around the globe. - The Nampa Family Justice Center is one of their existing centers that prove to be 'model' for the rest of the Justice centers around the globe. - They also provide training and consultation, web-minars for continuing education units and, they conduct annual conferences to encourage the Justice Centers staff around the globe to meet and share their wealth of wisdom with each other.

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