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A public speaking guide and workshop

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  1. Communication in a Workplace Environment.
  2. Maintaining professionalism.
  3. Appearance Checklist:.
  4. Group Communication.
  5. Assignment.
  6. Ethical Speaking.
  7. Audience Analysis.
  8. Speech Delivery.
  9. Using Presentational Aids.

An absolutely critical element of any presentation is maintaining professionalism. This encompasses many aspects of a speaker's behavior and appearance. One very important and often ignored aspect of professionalism is maintaining a professional appearance. The first thing that most people notice about a speaker, whether it is fair or not, is his or her physical appearance. If someone comes to a function or meeting, prepared to speak, and he or she is dressed in a sloppy fashion, what he or she says will instantly be taken less seriously by the audience.

[...] The highlight of any presentation should be the presenter's public speaking abilities, but the use of an effective visual aid can greatly enhance a presentation. Oftentimes, a visual aid can be useful in increasing the audience's understanding and retention of complex topics. Using graphs and charts can be an excellent way to show relationships and trends. To use presentational aids effectively, consider the following: Don't overuse aids, focus more on the speech than the aid Practice using the aids before you have to give a presentation Use large font on visual aids, and use text sparingly Make good color choices so that the audience is comfortable Only use one idea per visual aid so that the point is clarified instead of confused Assignment: In the last hour of today's seminar, we would like you to consider today's lessons and give a brief 2 minute presentation. [...]

[...] Assignment: In the last hour of today's seminar, we would like you to consider today's lessons and give a brief 2 minute presentation. Use the problem below to give you an idea for your presentation, and use the bottom of the sheet to outline what you are going to say. After 30 minutes, we will gather to hear the presentations. Problem: Think about your fellow employees in this seminar and consider what they might all like. Gear your presentation to take into account something that your fellow employees and yourself would be interested in. [...]

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