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A wife’s role in marriage

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  1. Thesis statement.
  2. Introduction.
    1. A wife's submissiveness in marriage.
    2. Thesis.
  3. Submissive or Subservient?
    1. What does submissiveness really mean?
    2. What is involved in being submissive?
  4. The Feminist view.
  5. The Christian view.
    1. The Capable wife.
    2. Man and Woman: A dignified role for each.
  6. Conclusion.
    1. Restatement of thesis.
    2. My response.

A wife's submission to her husband is important to a successful marriage. When two people are bonded together to form one union, there are bound to be trials and disagreements. However, when there is a head of a household, the marriage runs more smoothly. The man should be the head of the household. This is his responsibility as a husband. The woman, however, plays a distinct role, which is just as significant as her husband's. The word ?submissive? has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and ostracized by society today. For this reason, many feminists have protested against the Christian view of submission in marriage. It is viewed upon as inequitable, restrictive, and conventional.

[...] The husband should not impose on things a wife should run. This is where rationality comes into play. The woman plays a role that is glorified by God; nonetheless, feminists view Christian concepts of marriage and family as part of a ?patriarchal social structure that is designed to control and repress women.? (Kostenberger, par 4). ?Feminists agree that male dominance within families is part of a wider system of male power, is neither natural nor inevitable, and occurs at [the expense] of women? (Ferree, par 1). [...]

[...] He did not exercise his headship in a Christian manner; therefore the marriage was unsuccessful. The same goes for married couples today. A husband and wife are both responsible for exercising there roles the proper way. What is the Christian view? Is it truly some patriarchal structure that is designed to oppress women? No. It is not. The wife has so many privileges, and is free to use her initiative. For instance, Proverbs 31:10-31 speaks of a ?capable wife? whose value is more than that of corals? (Proverbs 31:10). [...]

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