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African American families and military service

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  1. Significant details of CJ Washington's life.
  2. CJ Washington's career chioce affected by Moynihan's analysis in The Negro Family.
  3. Moynihan - US armed services' impact on the black family.
  4. Billingsley's ?Black Ecological Context? model.
  5. Effect of the military on black family.
  6. Military service - economically rewarding for African-American families.
  7. Conclusion.

Considering that African-Americans have been soldiers in every war that the U.S. has ever fought, it should be no surprise that sociologists take great interest in the relationship between the U.S. military and the African-American Family (Billingsley 1992). Following Allen's theoretical model (1995) of the African-American family in U.S. society, it is clear that any analysis of the dynamic between family and military will necessarily consider the interplay between individual decision-making, economic circumstances of the community, and the socioeconomic opportunities afforded by larger institutions. This essay aims to reinforce the significance of these latter socioeconomic benefits for Black families in the military, while simultaneously refuting claims reminiscent of Moynihan's theory, which emphasizes the patriarchal appeal for black males participating in the armed services.

[...] Moynihan's unequivocal support of black male participation in the military is based on his central ideas that the modern black family's economic problems stem largely from internal female domination, and as a result, the black male has been emasculated and reduced to powerlessness both within and outside of the family domain. Moynihan's writing also resonate with the ideology of Chris Sr., who strongly believed in establishing a male patriarch in the family and similarly, taught CJ to have self-esteem based on a masculine sense of toughness, protectiveness, and control. [...]

[...] and Donna. CJ's mother continued with her college education and attained a master's degree, but was forbidden by Chris Sr. to work outside of the home. Because of additional emotional and physical abuse, Yvonne divorced Chris Sr. in 1994 and moves with CJ to a new apartment. Throughout high school, CJ participated as a cadet in the Army's Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program, and with the encouragement from his father to ?finally become a he decided to enlist in the army after having attained his high school degree. [...]

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