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Analyse : Animal experiments

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  1. Common answers.
    1. Practice and product
    2. Buying or not products created from animal experiments.
    3. Knowledge and efforts against animal experiments.
  2. Different answers.
    1. Buying or not products created from animal experiments.
    2. Suggestion of solutions.
  3. Notices.
    1. Question.
    2. Sex.
    3. Class.

As a case study, the subject of animal experiments has been chosen. Nowadays, industries utilize modern modes of production. New technologies have been developed to enhance the modernization emblem. Inspite of this development in science and technology, the use of traditional means which requires animals has not been eradicated. Many contractors have concluded that animal tests are of zero value in the present day and age. The truth is that experiments conducted on animals have been termed as Research & Development. In some countries, it is forbidden to perform research and development in the animal science area. However, some other countries consider this form of R&D a legal practice. A debatable issue arises if the young lads and lasses of today's world prefer to buy products which are a result of animal experiments. This debate will be the focus of our study. In this debate, we have considered the young generation as future models. They will reveal the next proposed tendency. The subjects and participants for this debate are the students of our school i.e. the ESC Bretagne, Brest and the Dutch students. These students or young people will demonstrate the common factors and the differences between these two cultures. France is a country where animal experiments are allowed and on the other hand, Holland considers it illegal to conduct these animal experiments. In order to work on this analysis, we have divided the tasks. The division is as under:
? Each researcher needs to question 50 people
? The answers received need to be treated in order to make the information efficient.
? Excel (MS Office tool) needs to be used to create graphs and tables.
? Finally, the information from the questionnaires needs to be analyzed. We have chosen to first display the common answers between the French and Dutch students and then different answers.

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