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Blissful thinking: Advertising aspirations for a modern media mindset

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  1. Where there are people, there countless advertisements of some nature.
  2. The bliss campaign.
  3. Today's consumer is more likely to be environmentally aware.
  4. Due to the recent popularity of energy drinks, there is a lot of competition in our product market.
  5. The difficult part about energy drink market - so many choices available to consumers.
  6. One technique used by the bliss campaign in order to achieve uniqueness.
  7. The campaign will consist of several parts to get the company name mass exposure.
  8. Trying to take advantage of the fast-paced media landscape that exists today.
  9. One way that bliss can hope to get free publicity.

You drop off your children at school and drive as fast as possible to work because you got off to a late start, and you know it is going to be a hectic day. When you arrive at work, your boss heaps work onto you, pleasantly unaware of the type of day you are having. You end up staying at work late and rushing to pick up your children from school. Sadly, your day has only just begun; there are music lessons, soccer practices, dance classes, mouths to feed, housework to do, and leftover office work to do. It seems as though the day just lingers on and on with no reprieve. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a fabricated story; millions of people across the United States and all over the world have to deal with stressful routines similar to this one day after day. This feeling of hurriedness has penetrated all aspects of today's society, including the media and new media. Anywhere there are people, there are bound to be countless advertisements of some nature. With the rise of the Internet, more and more people are susceptible to be bombarded by advertisements from a wide variety of sources every minute. The recent improvements in portability of such developments as the Internet has also encouraged today's instantaneous lifestyle.

[...] This may also intimidate a large number of potential energy drink consumers, and they may look for alternatives. The difficult part about working in the energy drink market is that there are so many choices available to consumers. We've listed a mere six major competitors, but there are many more, as well as many different varieties within each brand. There are so many distinct flavors of Rockstar and Monster that they control a large share of the market based on variety alone. [...]

[...] Meaning can be communicated through various means and when advertising a product, it is typically portrayed through a slogan and the actual advertisements. The slogan for bliss is ?live life, drink bliss.? This particular slogan develops its own meaning and ideology because it is telling people that drinking bliss is a part of everyday life, and that it can help you in any situation. The specific market that is targeted by the bliss campaign is active people age 18-55, predominantly female, busy, and environmentally conscious. [...]

[...] Through an understanding of today's new media trends, the bliss advertising campaign has attempted to tap into this new market of energy drinks and fulfill a need for people who want to slow down while being environmentally conscious. The bliss campaign has attempted to not only reach those who live busy, active lifestyles, but also those people who care about helping the environment and preserving it for future generations. Because of the fact that today's advertisements are so fast-paced, many of them are skipped over and not even viewed by the general public. [...]

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