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Can a Latino be a conservative?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Political identification.
  3. Moral identification.
  4. Cultural identification.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. References.

Anna Escobedo Cabral is treasurer of the United States of America, Carlos Gutierrez is secretary of Commerce and Alberto Gonzales is Unites States Attorney General. President George w. Bush's cabinet is, following Elena Rocha , "one of the most ethnically diverse administrations in the history of the country". As a matter of fact, seven out of fifteen of the "nation's highest posts" are held by ethnic minorities-three of which happen to be Latinos. It is of common acknowledgment that the Bush administration-Republican-practices policies considered to be of conservative inspiration . These policies are formulated, in part, by the Latinos who are members of the presidential cabinet. And to all appearances, they are also approved by a significant share of the Latino electorate.

[...] On the other hand VRA did not have a positive effect on Latino electoral participation. In raw numbers, Latino voters almost tripled in the same period; but the share of Latinos over the total voters decreased. Can we understand the mediocre participation rates as a conservative electoral behaviour? Is it politically motivated? We could defend the hypothesis that low participation rates are a sign of a non-commitment to "conventional forms of political action". These forms, however, are not conventional to Latinos. [...]

[...] A great share of Latino voters are newly-turned eighteens, newly naturalized citizens or simply are excluded. According to a survey by Pew Hispanic Center (2004) of Latinos affirm not knowing enough the candidates (reason why they do not vote). Conforming their political action to institutionalised political action channels would imply breaking the statu quo?which doesn't mean there is any strictly political motivation into it. We could however call it a conservative behaviour for, in passivity, it perpetrates what are conventional forms of political action when it comes to Latinos (non institutionalised). [...]

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