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Deconstructing the Traditional View of Judas the Betrayer: An Exploration of the Gospel of Judas

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  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing which foundational Christian ideas should be part of the New Testament
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci's portrayal of Judas
  4. Conclusion

?My god, I'm sick. I've been used and you knew all the time. God I'll never know why you chose me.? The rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar features a torn, confused Judas Iscariot contemplating his suicide shortly after betraying Jesus Christ. These lyrics make it seem like Judas played an instrumental role in God's plan for humanity, an idea completely counter to Christian doctrine which teaches that Judas of Iscariot was the betrayer of Jesus Christ. However, the emergence of a newly translated ancient text reveals that these lyrics could be more accurate than people realize.

[...] As Cynthia McFadden, ABC News Correspondent explained on April the Gospel of Judas is an unorthodox Gnostic text, one of many that were banned by the Christian church as blasphemous and heretical almost 1800 years ago. While Gnostic ideals did not fit into the Church's original plan and therefore were not assimilated into Christian Orthodoxy, it was not because they were historically inaccurate. According to the April New York Times, Gnosticism was a prevalent early Christian movement and most Gnostic texts surfaced from only 10-50 years after the New Testament Gospels, or in the case of the Gospel of Judas about 1800 years later. [...]

[...] Now, the Gospel of Judas allows for this interpretation to be challenged through some very bold text. For years, according to the April Courier Mail, many unorthodox interpretations of the bible have led to this conclusion: ?Judas was Jesus' favorite disciple who's role was crucial to allow Jesus to be crucified and escape the limitations of the flesh." With the discovery of this new text, the April issue of The Irish Times states that the Gospel of Judas ?describes conversations between Jesus and Judas during the week before Passover, in which Jesus tells Judas ?secrets no other person has ever seen.'? The Gospel further claims Judas to be Jesus' only real friend, the only disciple who actually understood the teachings of Jesus. [...]

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